11 Units,
sizes between 59-94 sq m,
starting at 4,061 € / sq m*

Reduced aesthetics, classically modern.
Quietly located and yet anchored in the middle of the energetic heart of the vibrant airport district.

This property combines comfortable living with green spaces to relax, affordable and world-open. With colourful cultural life right on the doorstep. Open-minded and beautiful.

Smartly situated in the wild heart of the capital: Mainzerstrasse and Reuterstrasse are to the west and east of the property. The structurally ideally integrated property itself is located in a side street, quieter than one might expect.

Shaped by the architectural thinkers of the 1950s, the building, which is soon to be refurbished, now breathes the spirit of the present. Self-confident. Modest. Comfortable.

The 30 residential units, spread over 5 floors, with usable areas of 59 to 94 square metres, are located away from busy main streets. Beyond them: a genuine diversity of possibilities.

“Carefully rooted in the densely populated airport district. A property resembling an oasis.”

The beautiful reduction in its purest form. The modernist building from 1909 focuses on the stylistic language of the 20th century avant-garde.

Thus, the building demonstrates a straightforward beauty of form with a focus on the living itself. Facing the street, invitingly large windows flood the rooms with light. Well thought-out room layouts provide ample space for individual furnishing down to the last detail.

A property that stylishly affirms the concept of architectural modernity: The practically cut domiciles await with two to three rooms. Comfortable, with clear lines, down-to-earth, focused on their original function.

The few flats still for sale have either a balcony or a loggia. With one step to the parapet, you are immediately amid the quiet inner courtyard – and at the same time facing the colourful airport district. This brings well-being, balance, and a sense of freedom.

This house is a successful example of how the simplification of a residential building towards its basic functions, comfort and purist practicality can be combined – and at the same time come up with simple elegance.

“Intelligent space optimisation that focuses on the essentials: simply contemporary – practical and chic.”

Neukölln vibes, boundless.
Experiences as far as the eye can see and the feet can carry.

In extraordinary restaurants like Zio Felix, in really quaint bars like Trude Ruth & Goldammer, in clubs like SchwuZ, at lively community festivals in various backyards, dignified concert halls or in the middle of the shopping hustle and bustle around the venerable Neukölln town hall. Here, what belongs together grows together: diversity in all colours. Urban citizens fulfil their living wishes in Boddinstrasse – whether for deceleration or diversion.

Perspective for contentment: Thanks to its exceptionally good infrastructural connections, you can reach the underground station from the property in just two minutes by foot. The nearest primary school is just as quickly reached, only 300 metres away – which means an extremely short way to school for the little ones. Only 600 metres away, an easily accessible playground invites children to laugh and romp.

Everything you need is just a stone’s throw away – right on your doorstep, so to speak. Supermarkets, health facilities, offices, green places to relax. This undoubtedly includes Boddinplatz located directly opposite, a small park with sports equipment for a welcome change of pace after a long day at the office.

The city oases do not end with the view from the balcony or loggia: Just a few hundred metres away from Boddinstrasse and Boddinplatz, the neighbouring Schillerkiez is home to some of the best burger shops and pizzerias in the entire city. The gourmet temples know no bounds here: Trendy scene shops, just like time-honoured institutions, solid traditional cuisine, equally the best street food on hand – between the airport and Schillerkiez, the culinary moulds disappear.

Further west, the spacious Tempelhofer Feld opens up, over which the planes used to taxi. Today, it is an orchestra of colourful community gardens, open spaces for sports and sunbathing in the meadows. To the north: the second lung of Neukölln, the Hasenheide, with its integrated zoo and open-air cinema.

“Mundane. Bold. Pulsating. And then very quiet again.”

Kiez culture par excellence.

The neighbourhood everybody wants: Neukölln is the part of central south Berlin where the stories are made – and about which they are told. Perhaps one reason for its undiminished appeal to people from near and far. The structures of the airport district have long benefited from this: as a neat reference point for young families and couples. As a magnet for artists and explorers from all over the world. As a long-desired destination for many.

Neither tired nor endlessly overexcited. Much more the balance of relaxation and refreshing variety. Hot-blooded and euphoric, hip and yet quite basic. Adventurously different? It’s often just a few streets away. The airport district promises a dignified idyll in the middle of the city, and yet at the same time constantly questions itself. Indeed, it reinvents itself for all those who seek adventure in it. Night owls and day-active people.

Its cultural diversity convinces in concrete terms: the airport district boasts magnificent old buildings such as the adjacent former Kindl brewery – and world-renowned clubs. But that’s not all: life takes place on the streets. In a nutshell: here you have the feeling you’ re strolling through a great cinema film all day long.

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